Pic: Chael Sonnen Calls Out Daniel Cormier, Offers To Replace Injured Rashad Evans At UFC 170


Chael Sonnen is indeed a "good, hard-working guy." The consummate UFC company man has once again stepped up and offered to compete on a card with a gaping short-notice hole to fill, calling for a fight against Daniel Cormier now that his original opponent, Rashad Evans, has been scratched because of an injury. Sonnen, of course, agreed to help save UFC 151 back in 2012 when Dan Henderson got hurt; however, Jon Jones didn't like the idea and the entire event was canceled for lack of star power. UFC has already come out and declared "there will be no replacement fight" with the event date rapidly approaching, which means Ronda Rousey will be charged with carrying the pay-per-view (PPV) event more or less on her own. Unless, of course, the promotion takes him up on the offer and flies up Sonnen from Brazil for a clutch one night stand. Now that would be worth watching ...