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Dana White to pot heads: Smoking weed is illegal, taking TRT is not

So don't "pick and choose" when it comes to holding fighters accountable.

Michael Nagle

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White said he's not a big fan of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), and promised his fighters who choose to go on the controversial treatment, that they would be subjected to extra testing.

That's what Vitor Belfort has found out firsthand, as "The Phenom" has been tested quite a bit, according to White, ahead of his middleweight title fight against division champion Chris Weidman, which is set to go down at UFC 173 on May 24, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And when asked by Sherdog if TRT would always be a heavy anchor weighing the sport down, White confidently stated it wouldn't. Furthermore, the Las Vegas fight boss broke down the big difference between allowing TRT in MMA while banning marijuana.

His words:

"It doesn't feel like an anchor at all. Like I said, it's legal, what are you going to do? Until it becomes illegal, it's like the marijuana thing. It's funny how people want to pick and choose. 'Oh, he was over on marijuana, big deal.' Marijuana is illegal. This shit (TRT) isn't illegal. You can debate it all day long. It is what it is."

Colorado and Washington residents would disagree.

According to White, while many people have criticized "The Phenom" for his TRT habits, the Brazilian bomber has complied with all of the regulations, unlike Antonio Silva, who was suspended for a year after a post-fight drug test revealed his testosterone levels were through the roof thanks to an extra, unapproved injection.

As a result, "Bigfoot" was forced to cough up his "Fight of the Night" bonus. That's $50,000 down the drain. And as Jessica Eye and Yancy Medeiros quickly realized, smoking pot can be quite costly, too.

At least pay them like MLB stars.

Nevertheless, White says as long as TRT is legal, there isn't much he can do about keeping it away from the sport of MMA. But according to Belfort, White and Co. should be worrying about the other illegal drugs that are being used by just about every athlete in the fight game.

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