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Ex-wife: 'Paranoid' Thiago Silva turned 'violent' after cocaine use

Thiago's ex-wife has come forward, and it's safe to say she doesn't paint a very flattering picture of life as Mrs. Silva.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time since his arrest, Thiago Silva's ex-wife is speaking out about the events that led to his shocking arrest.

Thaysa Kamiji was married to the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight for eight years, but ended their relationship in late 2012 when she claims the "aggressive" Brazilian was "unbalanced" and subjected her to repeated assaults.

From UOL Sports (via MMA Fighting):

"In our relationship, I had to deal with the imbalance and aggressions. But I never went to talk to the police because I fear the reactions. Even after I was assaulted, I did not speak. The problem was cocaine. He always thinks he's above the law. My neighbor knew that she should call the police if she ever heard me scream. He had the cocaine paranoia. He came to my house, tore my clothes and pointed a gun at my head. I already suffered some abuse, but I always withdrew because I was afraid."

The cocaine use, Kamiji alleges, caused him to become "violent" in recent weeks.

Silva was arrested in South Florida after an armed standoff with police (mug shot). He was detained and held without bond after the court deemed him a flight risk, as well as a threat to his community. You can access his police report here, as well as watch the video replay of his court appearance here.

But there are two sides to every story.

Attorney Scott Saul says Silva was drunk at the time he allegedly brandished a weapon outside the Pablo Popovitch academy in Oakland Park, but did "nothing serious" and thinks his wife's statement was taken "out of context" during her interview with police.

Read his explanation here.

One thing is for sure, the court is going to have its hands full trying to sort this one out.

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