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Mike Kogan no longer repping UFC fighters, takes promotion to task for slowly phasing out managers

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If Nate Diaz is going to negotiate contracts with Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), he's going to do it without the services of former manager Mike Kogan, who told Submission Radio that he's no longer talking to the ZUFFA brass, after a turbulent 2014.

In addition, he views the new Reebok uniform deal as a positive for the Bellator MMA promotion, where he does represent talent, who will now have the opportunity to peddle their wares on Spike TV. But that's something that will soon disappear in UFC, leaving Kogan to wonder what will happen to the dwindling role of fighter manager.

His words:

"So now you basically reduce the manager down to, I don't know what. So those guys that will have good relationships with their fighters, at this point will just make money just because they want to pay them. Because they're nice guys. But realistically I mean what's this guy gonna do? There's no sponsorships, you can't negotiate contracts. You just kind of have to take what they give you, and if you try to speak up you get called a scumbag and a douche bag. So I mean what's there to do? Not much. I'm not saying this applies necessarily to every single fighter, you know what I mean? Like Ronda Rousey needs a manager because she's doing a while lot of stuff outside, but Ronda Rousey is being represented by William Morris Endeavour, one of the largest talent agencies in the world, you know what I mean. Jon Jones needs a manager, Cain Velasquez needs a manager, but countless other fighters that are on the roster no longer need managers."

He won't get any sympathy from Mike Dolce.

Kogan has been steadfast in his position of "fighters first," which as expected, left him on the outs with UFC President Dana White. While top lightweight contender Nate Diaz was finally welcomed back into the fold, it was not without its share of disgruntlement.

Expect it to get worse, before it gets better.

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