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Hendricks vs. Lawler fight results, UFC 181: Round 4

Lawler continued to look listless while Hendricks wrestled him to the floor and maintained the control he had throughout the majority of the contest. Lawler did get back to his feet to fire off with those high kicks he was hoping would land, but they weren't.

Mid-way through, the champion was outpacing the challenger 2-to-1 in punches thrown.

Once again, with 90 seconds left in the round, Hendricks took Lawler down, his fifth takedown of the fight. Lawler got up from this one much faster than those before it. When he did, he was far more aggressive in his attack.

The execution left much to be desired.

Hendricks grabbed a double leg and just held on for dear life to get to the end of the round, even while Robbie was lighting him up with elbows and punches.

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