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Johny Hendricks vs. Robbie Lawler fight results, UFC 181: Round 3

Hendricks was right back to working his combinations early on in this round. The leg kicks were landing with a hard thud after every 1-2 shot, 1-2 shot. Lawler was either continuing to pace himself, or simply searching for more breathing room while looking for the right opening.

That first round rush seems bizarre in hindsight.

Robbie was laid back as Hendricks continued to pepper him with punches. A jab was followed by a left hook, followed by a right cross, followed by another two jabs, followed by an overhand right.

Very little resistance was offered.

When he went for it, again really late in the round, Hendricks scored another takedown. Nothing happened from there, and iit was clear after three that Lawler would need a finish within the next two rounds.

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