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Dana White doesn't want guys like Rashad Evans 'taking up a spot' in the new UFC rankings

Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Chair does not recognize Rashad Evans.

The former light heavyweight champion is "taking up a spot" in the official Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) rankings, which means there is a 205-pound fighter hovering just outside the top 15 who could be eligible for a cut of the new Reebok profits, if "Suga" wasn't loitering in the No. 4 hole.

UFC President Dana White explains (via The Download):

"If you're the champion, you get paid the most. If you're ranked one through five; and next tier, six through 10, it makes all the sense in the world. The best example right now is a guy like Rashad Evans. He is ranked number four, but he doesn't get paid unless he fights - but he's taking up a spot. So what we need to do is, when somebody is inactive you pull them down. Then they can enter the rankings again when they fight."

Evans was "screwed" by a knee injury back in February.

Proceeds from the promotion's longterm uniform deal with the sports and apparel giant -- payable directly to the talent -- are determined on a sliding scale, based on how well an individual fighter is ranked. The better you perform, the bigger your slice of the Reebok pie.

And don't worry, White is going to handpick a select group of "ethical" combat sports media members to handle the voting in the new, completely overhauled rankings.

Get one last look at Evans (we hardly knew ye) by clicking here.

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