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Chael Sonnen: Tim Kennedy is one cranky, bitter son of a bitch and somebody needs to tell him to shut up

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Former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight contender, Chael Sonnen, is tired of hearing about "Stoolgate." Not that anyone besides Tim Kennedy is still talking about it, but the constant bellyaching from the former Green Beret has the new ESPN analyst at his wit's end.

From Sonnen's You're Welcome! podcast (transcribed by MMA Fighting):

"Tim Kennedy is one cranky and bitter son of a bitch. Have you seen some of the stuff he's saying lately? He's threatening to never come back to the sport because he's so upset about 'stoolgate.' This guy is one of these guys that, for me, he gets a pass. I'm an American, he's an American hero. He served the country well. He did some things. He's a hero. That's where it ends. But the guy says some stuff that if he wasn't a hero... Somebody needs to tell him to shut up. Tim, you gotta stop, man. You're so bitter. Tim was so worked up about it. I'm going, 'Tim, anything that you want to do and all of this anger, man, we're for that before the fight. But when the fight's done, when the pay-per-views are sold and when the cage is being torn down, shut up. Give the other guy his 15 minutes whether he earned it or was gifted it. Give him his 15 minutes and walk away."

He walked away ... and right into the back of the arena to scream at Yoel Romero.

That's because "The Soldier of God" was parked on his stool long after referee John McCarthy told him to resume fighting at the UFC 178 pay-per-view (PPV) event last September. Romero insisted it was a lack of communication, while Kennedy accused the hulking middleweight of milking a few extra seconds of recovery time after nearly getting finished before the bell. Romero stormed back in round three to win by technical knockout.

Now it's time to move on ... or perhaps in Kennedy's case, move down.

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