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Dana White: UFC champ Jon Jones '100 percent the bad guy' and 'should embrace it'

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is just a few days ahead of what is arguably the biggest fight of his life against No. 1 contender Danie Cormier in the main event of UFC 182, and instead of discussing the fight at hand, Jones is defending himself against critics who call him "fake" or "the bad guy."

While it is hard for Jones to claim he is a saint while fat shaming Cormier, or 'poking' fun at his fans, the UFC champion is simply going along for the ride. Some call Jones fake for his quick changes in demeanor, but "Bones" is focused on winning fights and becoming the greatest mixed martial artist in history.

Even though the angle has been played out in nearly every successive title fight Jones competes in, UFC President Dana White opted to share his thoughts on Jones' character with MMA Fighting, and to no one's surprise, the head honcho thinks Jones should embrace his role as a villain.

"I think (Jones) should embrace it. He's kind of come off like the bad guy in this thing. All the stuff that happened behind the scenes, when they were doing the interviews after the fight in the MGM lobby, Jones was 100-percent the bad guy."

While White is focused on Jones' persona outside the Octagon, the champion has come to the realization that any front he attempts to put on will be futile as fans, and even the UFC president, will label him fake or the heel anyhow.

Now can we get back to focusing on the fight?

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