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Cowboy Cerrone on CM Punk: Leave the wrestling moves in WWE -- but bring the fans!

Duane Prokop/Getty Images

Ever since Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) signed former WWE pro wrestler Phil Brooks, a plethora of UFC fighters have given their thoughts on the polarizing signing, and as expected, there were more than a few naysayers.

Most recently, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones noted that he hopes to see Brooks "knocked out" in his UFC debut. Prior to that, fan favorite Nate Diaz told the former wrassler he isn't welcome inside the Octagon.

But not all fighters scorned "CM Punk," as newly-minted UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler offered to help train him at American Top Team, and UFC veteran Cole Miller stated that Punk has a better ground game than 50 percent of the UFC right off the bat.

Punk can now add UFC 182 co-headliner Donald Cerrone to his list of supporters, as the lightweight wrecking machine told Sherdog he is excited to see the attention Punk brings over to the sport of mixed martial arts (MMA).

"I don't think he can do the moves that he does in the WWE but come on and bring that fan base over here. The WWE sells out arenas every night. Why not bring that attention over here? Brock Lesnar coming over was huge and you saw that in the PPV numbers. I've learned the UFC doesn't pay me as a fighter: I'm paid as an entertainer and that's part of the job."

Besides the fact that Cerrone fails to recognize Lesnar came into MMA with a stellar wrestling pedigree as opposed to the relative inexperience of CM Punk, "Cowboy" certainly makes a good point in terms of the pay-per-view (PPV) numbers during Lesnar's stint in UFC.

During his run as UFC heavyweight champion, the WWE wrestler turned MMA beast raked in over one million PPV buys in three successive fights. Considering UFC has eclipsed that mark only seven times in the promotion's history, Lesnar's popularity as a WWE icon certainly skyrocketed interest and buys for his fights inside the Octagon.

Can CM Punk bring the same attention to UFC as Lesnar did before him?

So far, so good.

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