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Jon Jones knocks 'short and thick' Daniel Cormier ahead of UFC 182: 'His body doesn't scream athlete'

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Fat shaming and backhanded compliments at its finest! UFC light heavyweight champion Jon "Bones" Jones certainly knows how to play the heel well.

During a UFC 182 media conference call earlier this week, the script was flipped on the UFC champion as he was asked (via MMAFighting) what he likes about his opposition, the undefeated Daniel Cormier.

"I wouldn't necessarily say there's anything I like about him. I do respect that he's able to use his frame so successfully, being a short guy and thicker guy. When you look at him, his body type doesn't scream athlete. But he's been able to do some amazing things, both in the sport of wrestling and his MMA career."

Jones' mental acuity is apparently as sharp as his ferocious elbows as he quickly thwarted the possibility of being kind to Cormier just a few days removed from their mammoth title bout in Las Vegas, Nevada.

And who says Jones' is not trying to play the villain?

Yeah right.

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