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Jon Jones: 'I hope UFC gives CM Punk a real opponent so we can watch him get knocked out'

Punk gets no love from "Bones."

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, has given his thoughts on the signing of CM Punk (details); and they aren't too kind if you're a fan of the man whose real name is Phil Brooks.

During his conversation with Chad Dukes Versus The World (via MMA Fighting), Jones says he would like nothing more than to see Brooks get a legit foe (not this guy) in his Octagon debut so that he -- along with the rest of the world -- can watch him get knocked out.

So why the animosity?

In Jon's eyes, it isn't fair that a "superstar" like Punk gets to jump ahead of all aspiring amateur mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters looking for their shot inside the Octagon, just because he's made a name for himself as a professional wrestler.

"I just think it's unfair for the people who have been working their tails off to earn this opportunity. That's why I really hope UFC gives him a real opponent so we can watch him get knocked out."

He continues:

"Every day I'm at the gym watching these kids training. These guys have no money and they're training their tails off, giving up everything to be a fighter. Living in the gym, eating turkey and peanut butter, bare minimum to chase this dream and then a superstar like him just gets to jump into the UFC just because he knows the right people and has a name."

It's good to know people in high places.

But "Bones" does find a silver lining with the addition of Brooks, as the 205-pound champ says Punk will bring with him the fan base that strongly cheered him on during his time with WWE.

And as Brock Lesnar proved in the past, that means more coin in ZUFFA's pockets. Of course, Lesnar and Brooks are two entirely different animals.

"It's gonna bring a lot of publicity. I went to my first WWE match this year and the enthusiasm and emotion on the fans' faces, it was like they were watching real fighting in the UFC. I do have a respect for the influence of the WWE and the passion of the fans."

As of now, mums the word on who Punk will face in his UFC debut. But one thing is certain, if it were up to "Bones," he would have the former WWE superstar face a legit veteran in his first-ever MMA fight, not a Octagon newbie.

Yeah, that's fair.

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