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Erick Silva calls out Rick Story, eyes future rematches against Dong Hyun Kim and Matt Brown

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Erick Silva is back in the win column after choking out Mike Rhodes at the UFC Fight Night 58 mixed martial arts (MMA) event earlier this month in Brazil (watch it).

So what does he have planned for an encore?

According to "Indio," a fight against the rough-and-tumble Rick Story, who also notched an impressive win earlier this year by turning away Gunnar Nelson in Sweden.

The Brazilian talks to Combate:

"My wish would be a fight against Rick Story, which is a very good athlete, the public really likes his style and I think a fight against him would be very good for the event and the fans would love it. I also want to fight again against Dong Hyun Kim, in a rematch. It would be very important, because the South Korean had a very hard-hitting win over me and I have not swallowed that defeat, so I want a rematch with him. Passing by Kim, I will definitely want a rematch with Matt Brown and move up one step at a time. We are already thinking about it, and my head is turned 100-percent for my future."

Unless "Stun Gun" or "Immortal" goes into a career tailspin, getting a Kim or Brown rematch will take some work, considering Silva was finished convincingly in both fights.

In the meantime, a fight against Story could be a fun scrap, though "Horror" can argue that he's ranked in the top 15 and Silva is not, thus putting him in a position to fight someone closer to the title.

That potential match up doing anything for you?

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