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TUF 19 contestant Doug Sparks arrested on rape charges (Updated)

UPDATE: Sparks has been cleared of all charges after the court dismissed all 11 counts without prejudice (full story here).


Hey, remember Doug Sparks from The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 19?

I didn't either, until I went back to my episode one recap from last July, and realized it was the jokester with the fuzzy ears on his head. There was some weird backstory about his parents having sex with a polar bear or something, but he tapped out and was bounced from the show before we could dig any deeper.

Not that anyone was complaining.

That was the last we heard of Sparks ... until now. And he's back in the headlines for his endeavors outside the cage, which according to MMA Weekly, are pretty serious.

The 32-year-old light heavyweight was arrested Saturday in Bloomington, Ind., for allegedly detaining a woman against her will and assaulting her repeatedly over a several day period.

Sparks remains in the Monroe County jail on Thursday with a $250,000 surety only bond charged with rape, criminal confinement, battery with bodily harm and theft, according to the Herald Times Online.


Sparks is, of course, innocent until proven guilty.

The fighter known as "Ants in his Pants" hasn't competed since dropping a unanimous decision to Shaun Asher at Turf Wars Extreme Fighting (TWEF): "Turf Wars 8" in summer 2012. Sparks is due back in court next week and we'll bring you any relevant details as they become available.

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