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Cook: 'UFC moving from fight promoter to world-renowned sports media and entertainment company'

Boris Streubel/Getty Images

Sports entertainment?

No, we're not talking about WWE, but rather Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), the world's largest mixed martial arts (MMA) promotion with footprints all over the world. And in spite of all the expansion the organization has seen over the past few years, it expects a broader reach in 2015.

That includes live events in South Korea, Scotland, and Russia, among others.

"As we grow as a business, we're moving from a fight promoter to a world-renowned sports media and entertainment company," UFC Chief Global Officer Garry Cook told Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The promotion -- which took over the LA Boxing franchise and re-branded it as UFC Gym -- recently continued its push into mainstream sports and fitness, inking a longtime deal with Reebok that will outfit the entire UFC roster in fighter uniforms.

Though not everyone is breaking out the party hats.

As UFC continues to grow, so too do the critics. ZUFFA LLC is likely to find itself in court next year after some of its former talent cried foul over predatory business tactics. In addition, its arrival in Asia has not been the slam dunk it was expected to be, prompting a personnel shake up overseas.

Not that anyone behind the scenes expects it to get in the way of world domination.

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