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Who is more scared of John Dodson, Demetrious Johnson or TJ Dillashaw?

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

Long before he became Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) bantamweight champion, TJ Dillashaw was The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 14 runner up, falling short in the season finale after eventual winner, John Dodson, dropped him with a huge punch.

Or a "fluke," as Dillashaw refers to it.

But just because Dodson went down to a more natural weight of 125 pounds, doesn't mean he's not willing to move back up to prove the "Viper" wrong. After all, if the champion of his own weight class is too afraid to fight him (his words), he may as well seek greener pastures elsewhere.

Dodson talks to MMA Fighting:

"I think I'm the bogeyman at 125 and 135. Even that champion doesn't want to fight me. I have a whole team afraid of me. If [beating TJ Dillashaw] was such a fluke, then give that fluke some reality. Prove that shot was lucky shot. Prove it wasn't a pinpoint accurate shot that landed clear on your jaw and dropped you, that you weren't wobbling after Herb Dean picked you up off the mat."

Not so fast.

We may not even see Dodson back inside the Octagon until June, thanks to a devastating knee injury that sent him under the knife earlier this year. Despite his top billing in the "official" UFC rankings, there is no guarantee "The Magician" comes off the bench and right into a title fight.

But if he does ... which rematch do you prefer?

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