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Gambler movie star Mark Wahlberg reveals trick to making big bucks on UFC events

Step 1: Fire up the DVR.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Betting on sports is never a sure thing, especially in the fight business.

The unpredictability of mixed martial arts (MMA) though, makes betting on Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) an entirely different animal.

Just ask Georges St-Pierre!

But Hollywood mega-star and avid UFC fan, Mark Wahlberg, has a sure-fire way to make money on fights.

"I bet a lot while making the movie on things I wouldn't normally bet on. But, I'm not that big on gambling unless I know I have a chance to win. The thing I bet on most, was repeats of UFC fights and I already knew the outcome. And these guys that I'm working with don't know the outcome. They're like, 'I like this guy in the blue shorts.' And I'm like, 'Yeah, no problem, you take the guy with the blue shorts, I'll take Georges St-Pierre.'"

While promoting his upcoming movie, "The Gambler," Walhberg told USA Today that he did his fair share of gambling during filming; and he always came out on top.

That's because he would bet his co-workers on UFC fights that already happened. Unbeknownst to his buddies, Mark was getting coin out of their lack of MMA knowledge.

Either Mark's a genius or his friends are, well, you know.

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