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Monday Morning Hangover: C.B. Dollaway's run cut short -- violently -- by Lyoto Machida in Brazil

Where does "The Doberman" go from here?

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Another weekend of fisticuffs has come and gone, as UFC Fight Night 58 blew the roof off Ginasio Jose Correa this past Saturday (Dec. 20, 2014) in Barueri, Brazil.

Plenty of fighters were left licking their wounds, including Mike Rhodes, who was choked out by Erik Silva early in round one (video). And Mitch Gagnon, who was submitted by Renan Barao in the third and final frame in a highly-entertaining bout (highlights).

But which fighter is suffering from the worst post-fight hangover, 48 hours removed from the show?

C.B. Dollaway.

"Doberman" looked to pick up his highest-profile win to date as he was facing former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion, Lyoto Machida, in a headlining middleweight bout. With a win, C.B. would earn his third straight victory and possibly "leapfrog" his way to the front of the title race and earn his first-ever championship bout.

No such luck.

After a brief feeling out process, Machida landed a crippling body kick right that "paralyzed" Dollaway, giving him no chance to defend himself from the onslaught of punches that followed (video replay). After seeing C.B. absorb more than a few blows to the dome, the referee had no choice but to put a halt to the punishment, and the bout.

While fight fans -- and Dollaway -- would have liked to see more action, the win was a nice feather in Machida's cap and gave him his first win after coming up short in his bid to dethrone division kingpin, Chris Weidman, back at UFC 175 earlier this year.

It also set him up for what will be a very entertaining 185-pound collision against former Strikeforce middleweight champion, Luke Rockhold, sometime in 2015.

As for Dollaway, the loss can't be attributed to something he did wrong. While his colleagues moonlighting as analysts would have hoped C.B would have given himself a chance in the bout by utilizing his wrestling pedigree, he wasn't given the opportunity, as the fight was over shortly before it began, thanks to the well-placed kick.

Which was rather surprising, as Machida is notorious for playing the waiting game and preferring to be the counter attacker rather than the aggressor.

C.B. will now have to go back to the drawing board, regroup, and hope he gets a fight sooner, rather than later, in an effort to erase the memory of his loss to "The Dragon." As he's proven over the last two years, C.B. has the tools to compete with the best in the division.

The 31-year-old veteran has more than enough left in his tank to muster up another run and perhaps get that much-desired title shot. A fight against Michael Bisping -- who also came up sort in his previous bout against the aforementioned Rockhold -- would be a good comeback fight for "The Doberman."

Any objections?

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