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Grapple at the Garden results: Lawal and Maynard victorious, Julfalakyan tops Dake

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Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

The third annual "Grapple at the Garden" amateur wrestling event returned to Madison Square Garden on Sunday (Dec. 21, 2014) in New York City featuring 25 college programs, plus high school wrestling, youth tournaments, and a freestyle main event.

But for the mixed martial arts (MMA) fans tuning in, today's online pay-per-view (PPV) was all about the "Team Joe Warren vs. Team Renzo Gracie" showdown featuring notable Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) names like Gray Maynard and Scott Jorgensen, among others.

Full Grapple at the Garden results below (courtesy of MMA Fighting):

Main event
Kyle Dake vs. Arsen Julfalakyan: Julfalakyan wins a dec. over Dake (6-3)

Co-main event
Tervel Dlagnev vs. Khadzhimurat Gatsalov: Dlagnev wins dec. over Gatsalov (7-4)

Team Warren vs. Team Gracie
Rollie Peterkin vs. Stephen Abas: Peterkin wins dec. over Abas (6-0)
Joe Warren vs. Scott Jorgensen: Warren wins dec. over Jorgensen (12-0)
Shawn Bunch vs. Damacio Page: Bunch wins dec. over Page (10-0)
Jordan Oliver vs. Frank Molinaro: Oliver wins a dec. over Molinaro (10-0)
Gray Maynard vs. Ozzy Dugulubgov: Maynard wins dec. over Dugulubgov (27-0)
Brennan Ward vs. Igor Gracie: Ward wins dec. over Gracie
Darryl Christian vs. Gregor Gracie: Gracie wins a dec. over Christian

King Mo vs. Rolles Gracie: Lawal wins a dec. over Gracie (15-6)

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