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Video: Rampage Jackson first comments following UFC return, promises 'exciting fights' in 2015

"Me and Dana White, we haven’t even spoke. We was always cool, honestly. It was just business. I didn’t like the way the UFC kind of painted the picture like I retired and like I got cut from the UFC, but I didn’t take it personal. I don’t take business personal most of the time. I never had any bad blood with Dana. I just wish things were a little bit different. But you know how things go. I’ve been missing the training camps and missing getting out there. I’ve only got a few more years left in me. I want to put on some exciting fights."

The clock is ticking on the career of former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight champion Quinton Jackson, who surprised the mixed martial arts (MMA) world last weekend by announcing his return to the ZUFFA roster (more on that here). While "Rampage" expects to put on exciting fights in his 2015 return to the Octagon, his first battle might be taking place inside a courtroom, as the Bellator promotion is claiming exclusive rights to the Memphis native, and is prepared to get its attorneys involved. Seems to be a lot of that going around these days...

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