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UFC Fight Night 58 results recap: Rashid Magomedov vs Elias Silverio fight review and analysis

Last night (Sat., Dec. 20, 2014), Rashid Magomedov and Elias Silverio looked to move forward in the lightweight division at UFC Fight Night 58 inside Ginasio Jose Correa in Barueri, Brazil. In an excellent display of kickboxing technique, Magomedov secured the finish late in the bout. Find out how below!

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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight fighters Rashid Magomedov and Elias Silverio looked to make their mark last night (Dec. 20, 2014) at UFC Fight Night 58 inside Ginasio Jose Correa in Barueri, Brazil.

Magomedov had proven himself a skilled combatant in his two appearances prior to stepping in the cage last night. However, he still need at least one more impressive performance to earn himself a name match up.

Similarly, Silverio entered his bout with the Russian undefeated and on a three fight win streak inside the Octagon. In order to showcase his skill set to the world, Silverio needed to implement his aggression against the savvy counter striker.

At the end, that aggression led to his demise.

The first round was largely a technical kickboxing match. Silverio was the aggressor, but Magomedov, as expected, played the part of the counter striker excellently. Early on, Magomdedov landed a hard body kick that seemed to stun the Brazilian.

For much of the round, Magomedov landed the clean strikes. His kicking defense was brilliant to watch, as he checked many kicks and returned with hard body kicks of his own. Though the round was fairly competitive, Magomedov likely sealed the deal with a late inside trip and series of punches.

Silverio opened the second round by cutting off the cage a bit more effectively, allowing him to land some hard shots and gain early momentum. However, Magomedov quickly returned the bout to his world, as he repeatedly nailed Silverio with hard counter strikes.

By the middle of the round, Silverio's aggression had tapered off quite a bit, due to his opponent's frequent counters. He got into his groove by the end of the round, but again, it likely went to the Russian fighter.

Magomedov completely controlled the third round. Each time his opponent pushed forward with punches, Magomdeov slipped out of the way and landed a combination.

Suddenly, Magomedov landed a brutal counter left hook as Silverio looked to land a kick. Silverio dropped to the mat and struggled to hang onto his opponent. The Brazilian showed heart, but he could barely move, leading the fight to be stopped with less than ten seconds left.

The main takeaway of this bout should be that Magomedov is very, very good. His counter striking was beautiful, particularly his ability to make Silverio pay for almost every one of his kicks. Overall, Magomedov was systematic in slowly destroying Silverio on his feet.

In addition, Magomedov did an excellent job mixing up his weapons. He landed a nice clinch trip in the first and threatened with it multiple times. Later in the fight, he used the classic overhand right lead to clinch control repeatedly, allowing him to land without fear of the counter.

Finally, I love that Magomedov stayed in his rhythm. Despite Stann's insistence that Magomedov needed to get aggressive in a fight he was clearly winning, Magomedov remained calm, stuck to his game plan, and still secured an awesome finish.

For his next bout, Magomedov should scrap with Jorge Masvidal, another extremely slick striker.

In all honesty, Silverio was simply outmatched on his feet technically. Without the wrestling ability to drag this fight to the mat, the odds of "Xuxu" winning this bout were pretty slim. Still, he fought a decent fight and never stopped looking for the victory -- which eventually led to the knockout -- and remains a solid fighter in a deep division.

It will be difficult for Silverio to build momentum from here, so he needs to stay active against another lightweight looking to climb the division, such as Michael Chiesa.

At UFC Fight Night 58, Rashid Magomedov fought brilliantly and finished Silverio in the closing seconds of the bout. How high can Magomedov climb in a stacked division?

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