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Pic: Sneak peek of UFC uniforms by Reebok

Welcome to the future (for better or worse).

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) held a special press conference earlier today (Dec. 2, 2014) from New York City (watch it here), to announce its new six-year uniform deal with sports and apparel giant Reebok. Among the highlights was the Reebok president calling Lorenzo Fertitta "Lorenzo Frittata."

See what happens when you hold a presser right before lunch.

After the event wrapped, UFC President Dana White gave mixed martial arts (MMA) fans a sneak peek of the new UFC uniforms, which are expected to become standard by July 2015, in conjunction with International Fight Week.

Have a look:


Not a lot to see at first glance, but it looks like male fighters will be wearing shirts. Not sure if that's optional at this point (see all the latest details here), but things could get dicey when you start talking about some of the portly heavyweights.

You like?