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UFC Quick Quote: The last thing the flyweight division needs is a champion nicknamed 'Uncle Creepy' who looks like Ian McCall

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

"He's kind of like one of those guys that pretty much does everything for attention, you know. And if you look at his fights; I mean for one, Demetrious (Johnson) is a better fighter and that's what this comes down to. He's a better fighter. He beat everyone in the division, and it's just like, I don't know. He says he's [Demetrious] a dork and he has no personality, but like, I think the last thing the division needs is a champion nicknamed 'Uncle Creepy' that looks the way Ian McCall does, you know what I mean? Like that would be a lot worse than, a great, nice, athletic, you know, family man of a champion like Demetrious. I think it would be a lot worse to have a champion -- I mean, even though I don't think that would ever happen -- named Uncle Creepy. You know, with a mustache and all his other antics. I think he's always gonna kind of be that for the division. That's the best thing he's going to be able to do is talk smack and be Uncle Creepy."

Earlier this year, top Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight contender Ian McCall was complaining about the state of the mixed martial arts (MMA) union, insisting the female fighters get more exposure than anyone at 125 pounds and that reigning flyweight titleholder Demetrious Johnson was not a marketable champion (see those comments here). Well, that didn't sit too well with fellow contender Joseph Benavidez, who told the gang at Submission Radio that he much prefers a champion like "Mighty Mouse" than a "Creepy" kingpin like McCall. Not that "Beefcake" has to worry about that anytime soon, as it doesn't look like Johnson is surrendering his title for the foreseeable future.

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