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Butthurt washouts? Michael Bisping offers his take on 'disgruntled' fighters suing UFC


Jayne Russell/Getty Images

Earlier this week, news broke that a handful of current and former combatants, all of whom headlined events for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), were filing a class-action lawsuit against ZUFFA LLC for allegedly violating antitrust laws. Some fighters, like Sean Sherk, were quick to rally behind them.

Others, like Michael Bisping, were not as supportive.

"Let me break it down: you got three disgruntled ex-fighters and their careers didn't pan out the way they wanted it to be," Bisping told UFC Tonight. "So guess what? They're suing the UFC."

One of the fighters named in the suit, UFC middleweight Cung Le, was brutalized by Bisping last August (pic).

UFC came under fire in recent weeks for its newly-announced uniform deal with Reebok, one that will eliminate outside sponsors during fight week. While the move was hailed as a game changer from UFC President Dana White, not everyone was breaking out the party hats.

Sorry, "it's not his fucking problem."

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