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Jon Jones initially 'offended' that Daniel Cormier 'kill' comments are being used to promote UFC 182

By now we've all (hopefully) seen the epic UFC 182 video trailer, which "reignites" the incredible beef between Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight Champion, Jon Jones, and No. 1-ranked title challenger, Daniel Cormier.

It's amazing.

With no exaggeration, their impromptu stage-exploding brawl that erupted while they were supposed to be promoting UFC 178 back in August (watch it here) was, indeed, "perfect," even if the punishment (see it here) and perception cast on the promotion, as well as the sport, was briefly detrimental.

That hasn't stopped UFC from re-purposing the footage, in addition to Jones and Cormier's "off camera" exchange during an ESPN interview, during which "Bones" vowed to "literally kill" his opponent if "DC" spit in his face (watch that raw video here).

It's a Catch 22 on the surface, but a promotional coup under the veneer because, after all, time heals all old wounds. Unless, of course, you're a UFC champion like Jones who doesn't necessarily agree with leveraging footage that possibly cost him a lucrative sponsorship deal with NIKE (not like it really matters now).

Jones recently explained on the most recent edition of "UFC Tonight:"

"When I first saw it I was a little offended by it. That UFC -- someone who is supposed to be backing my brand and making me look good -- would put up something like that for the general public to see. I don't think it’s really healthy for the world to see their champion -- for the world to see UFC's champion -- saying I would kill someone. That really took me off guard. I didn’t really think it was in my best interest, but it was for UFC’s best interest, so I kind of had to swallow my pride. I said it."

Jones did, indeed, say it when he thought no one was looking; however, this time, there was no "delete" button nor excuses that he was "hacked."

And now he has to live with it, along with everything associated with that fateful, amazing day, including the points he likely earns off the pay-per-view (PPV) buys on fight night, among other likely windfalls.

Yeah, not in his best interest ... at all.

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