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Matt Brown thought UFC was above signing 'dumb' athletes like CM Punk

Apparently not.

Duane Prokop/Getty Images

UFC just went full Bellator.

That's according to longtime welterweight contender Matt Brown, who's still scratching his head over the promotion's decision to sign former professional wrestler Phil Brooks (more on that here). Brown, who battles Strikeforce import Tarec Saffiedine in February (details), expects the rest of the keyboard army to sit up and take notice when "CM Punk" gets demolished.

From The MMA Great Debate podcast (via MMA Fighting):

"I thought the sport, the UFC, itself, was beyond that now. Bellator doing this, I could understand. I could see other organizations doing it. The UFC, I just didn't expect it. I don't have a problem with the UFC doing it. What I have a problem with is CM Punk being dumb enough to think he can do it. If he wants to come fight a real man I'll be standing there. I'll fight Tarec Saffiedine on [Feb. 14] and I'm the main event, everyone will be gone. I'll fight him right after Tarec if he wants. Hopefully what happens here is that all these keyboard warriors that are like, 'Oh I could go in there and fight' see that a legit athlete -- CM Punk is an athlete -- and they see him go in a get demolished by a prelim fighter or someone that also shouldn't be in there and they'll see this shit is a little more than what you think."

Unfortunately for Brown, Brooks will have trouble getting licensed to fight anyone outside his own skill level; meaning, no athletic commission is going to rubber stamp his request to compete unless his opponent is also 0-0, or perhaps 1-0, 0-1, etc.

Anyone come to mind?

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