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PDF: Full copy of UFC complaint and ZUFFA lawsuit filed in US District Court

ZUFFA LLC, parent company of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has been named in a formal complaint led by former headliners and longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters Jon Fitch, Cung Le, and Nate Quarry, among others, filed on Tuesday in United States District Court.

Listen to the full audio replay here.

"Because of the UFC's coercive practices, competitive market forces have been strangled, future earnings power of the athletes is stripped away, and purses to the fighters are artificially depressed," said Le, who is still under contract at the time of filing.

Read the full complaint below:

UFC issued its first statement here.

The lawsuit "seeks treble damages and injunctive relief under the Sherman Antitrust Act stemming from the UFC's alleged 'over-arching, anti-competitive scheme to enhance its monopoly power' in the market for promotion of live Elite Professional MMA bouts," according to the official press release.

Don't expect this one to be wrapped up anytime soon.

For much more on this class-action lawsuit, which could continue to grow depending on how many additional fighters come on board, click here and here.

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