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Confession! Boxer admits taking a dive for Mickey Rourke in Russia (video)

"Vadim and his team told me to go down in the second. They told me to come out in the first round and throw some jabs, feel it out, then in the second round catch a body shot and go (down). As far as I know, Mickey had no knowledge of this, he was in the dark. He didn't have anything to do with the fix being in, that was all his people. I had an agenda that I was given by people behind the scenes. I hope to come back and have a legitimate, on the up-and-up fight. I had a great experience in Russia and I hope to come back some day."

Surprise! (not really) Looks like 62-year-old Hollywood action star Mickey Rourke, who laced up the boxing gloves earlier this month in Russia, was given a patsy by his inner circle to help guarantee a win. That man, Elliot Seymour, is now singing like a canary after getting stiffed on the second part of his $15,000 purse, according to TMZ. Rourke's manager, naturally, denies the claim and insists Seymour is chirping away to draw more attention -- and money -- for himself. Watch the video replay of the finish right here and judge for yourself.

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