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MMAmania's Holiday Gift Guide 2014 Has Arrived!

It came without ribbons. It came without tags. It came without packages, boxes or bags ...

If you buy something from an SB Nation link, Vox Media may earn a commission. See our ethics statement. is back again with its annual holiday gift guide, showcasing several products from our favorite brands that would look great wrapped under the Christmas tree.

Or packed in a suitcase for the next meet up.

Nothing screams caution for an unpredictable mixed martial arts (MMA) community gathering of online odd-fellows than trendy razors, a collection of disinfectant sprays, impregnable athletic supporters and, of course, high-end kickboxing gloves for whenever our own Andrew Richardson needs to teach a rowdy drunk a very important lesson that he probably won't remember.

I'm not naming names.

Nope, just cool stuff from cool people to end 2014 -- or start 2015 -- on a high note (not the Nate Diaz kind, though).


Brand: Roots of Fight / Under Armour
Products: Scroll Through Gallery Above For Apparel Photos
Where To Find: | | Under Armour Retail Stores | Dick's Sporting Goods
Description: Roots of Fight has once again collaborated with Under Armour for a ground-breaking global release that pays tribute to martial arts icon, Bruce Lee.
Cost: Starting from $29.99


Brand: HeadBlade
Products: Two NEW Limited Edition Versions Of HeadBlade ATX Headshaver
Where To Find:
Description: HeadBlade first made waves when it created the world’s first head-shaving razor back in 1999. They’re at it again this holiday season with 2 NEW Limited Edition versions of the HeadBlade ATX headshaver, inspired by a collaboration with famed artist John Van Hamersveld. HeadBlade hired Mr. Van Hamersveld to reinterpret the HeadBlade logo and color scheme in his signature style. And the results were so exciting HeadBlade wanted to share it with its avid users! HeadBlade also created an exclusive limited edition poster and collectible postcards with the art commissioned by Mr. Van Hamersveld.
Cost: The Limited Edition John Van Hamersveld HeadBlade ATX razors are available individually (starting at $15) or as part of a gift box set (starting at $29.99).


Product: GLORY LEONE Professional Fighting Gloves
Where To Find:
Description: Yes, the world's premier kickboxing league has a webstore. These professional fighting gloves manufactured by LEONE are made for training and sparring. The full grain buffalo leather punching surface ensures maximum durability and longevity and the anti-shock padding avoids dangerous bruises to the hands to ensure excellent performance. There's also gear and accessories for men, women and kids, as well as official GLORY training equipment and collectibles, at the webstore.
Cost: $129.95


flow focus mitt

Product: Harmony Series Focus Mitts
Where To Find:
Description: Inspired by the ebb and flow from the immortal Art of Tai Chi, FLOW MMA's Harmony Series evokes the epic conflict of black and white, hard and soft. The brash design by Carol Chen animates the yin-yang dichotomy, introducing a fresh and never-seen-before attitude in the fight gear world that is both provocative and artistic -- and, most importantly, uniquely Chinese. Our own Michael Stets did a three-part series (here, here and here) with FLOW's founder, Gene Yu -- the Chinese language color commentator for ONE FC and a former U.S. Army Green Beret -- a bona fide bad ass.
Cost: $98


Brand: Anti3 Protect Series
Products: Dry Wash | Hair & Body Wash | Disinfectant / Deodorizing Equipment Spray
Where To Find:
Description: This is a series of products designed to prevent infections common to the combat sports realm. It protects against ringworm, staph, MRSA, impetigo, athlete’s foot and more. Perfect for wrestlers, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, CrossFit, MMA, gymnastics, cheerleaders, hockey, football and lacrosse players, or people highly susceptible to skin infections.
Cost: Starting at $4.99


Brand: Diamond MMA
Product: Diamond Quad Strap Jock & Cup System
Where To Find:
Description: You've likely heard UFC announcer Joe Rogan raving about these cups before, but I think the most convincing evidence of their effectiveness is in the video below, as a bunch of dudes take kicks, pipes and rocks to the nuts while wearing one. Keep your head in the game and your nuts out of the equation with the Diamond System!

Cost: $60 (Receive free shipping this holiday with promo code MMAMANIA at checkout)

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