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Junior dos Santos vs. Stipe Miocic live results, UFC on Fox 13: Round 4

About 20 seconds into the fourth, Miocic fired a kick that hit low and caused a stoppage in the action. Dos Santos recovered fairly quick, however, and they resumed battle with Junior going hard at the body.

Miocic never stopped walking "Cigano" down, pushing the action at every opportunity. He was much slower than earlier rounds and the big punches didn't look as big.

Dos Santos, meanwhile, was loading up on the overhand right and the big uppercut he used to sleep Fabricio Werdum.

Suddenly, Stipe came in with a big right hand that staggered Junior. A couple more punches did even more damage. Dos Santos survived without getting knocked down and even followed up by stuffing a takedown.

They peppered each other with punches for about 20 seconds before another clinch against the cage. When it looked like the two were just leaning on each other, Dos Santos scored a quick and violent takedown and worked from top. Miocic hit a switch, though, and got right back to his feet.

Still, that takedown evened up the score in that regard.

Dos Santos came forward with a series of punches to end the round and it was still close heading into the final frame.

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