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Junior dos Santos vs. Stipe Miocic live results, UFC on Fox 13: Round 1

They touched gloves, because they're gentlemen.

Men with class. Or some such sporting nonsense like that.

Dos Santos came in with a lead right for his first punch and it very nearly came over the top just enough to find the sweet spot to shut the lights off. Miocic took note too because he immediately shot in for a takedown.

When it didn't come, they reset in the middle.

Stipe gained an edge when he tagged the Brazilian with a few decent shots in an exchange that only ended because the fence forced the two together. "Cigano" recovered and they went right back to it.

That's when it got crazy.

"JDS" landed a nice left hook but Stipe followed up with hard rights that connected clean and did some damage. Still, dos Santos fired back with a hook and an uppercut that got the crowd all "oh" and "ah" in Phoenix.

Miocic blitzed and managed to plant a hard right while the former champion had his hands down. They clinched briefly but broke apart just long enough to trade a flurry to close the round.

A close one, with Miocic more than holding his own.

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