Pic: Daron Cruickshank Suffers Torn Tear Duct After KJ Noons Eye Poke


Daron Cruickshank was just getting loose in his Lightweight match against K.J. Noons tonight before he was stopped dead in tracks thanks to an accidental eye poke. "Detroit Superstar" was given more than his fair share of time to recover, but he ultimately informed referee John McCarthy that he could not see straight and The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20 Finale main card match was called a "No Contest" after 1.5 rounds of action. The good news is that Cruickshank seemingly escaped serious injury to his eyeball, but the torn tear duct will likely require surgery to repair, according to UFC President Dana White. For complete TUF 20 Finale results, including play-by-play of the unfortunate stoppage, click here.