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TUF 20 star doesn't want to be 'fake' like Jon Jones and pretend it's 'all about Jesus'

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Aaron Sweet/Getty Images

What you see is what you get.

Well, sort of. The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20 contestant Angela Magana, who battles Tecia Torres later tonight in the live Finale (more on that here), has been causing quite a stir on Twitter, after posting racy photos of herself based on the advice of Cristiane Justino.

And as she explained to MMA Fighting, the results speak for themselves.

"My motivation wasn't to gain followers. It was just these fucking scumbag losers on Twitter who want to abuse me. I'm not gonna sit back and let them abuse me. I might as well use it as my tool. I'm like addicted to this shit now. It comes from me being so much better than those fucking losers on there. I'm not like that in my every day life. I don't think I have peasants and stuff. But on Twitter? Hell yeah. I don't know why it's so crazy that I did it. Look at Felice [Herrig]. Look at Ronda [Rousey]. Look at Miesha [Tate]. Cris Cyborg said all you have to do is take sexy pictures in women's MMA. I took her advice. It worked. I believe just being myself, not censoring myself and just being who I am definitely helps me. Ronda been talking her entire career. I'd rather not be the Jon Jones type who's going to be fake and say it's all about Jesus."

Jon Jones fake? For some reason that sounds familiar... (very familiar) ...

Magana was stopped by Aisling Daly on episode six of the combat sports reality show (recap here), but will have a second chance at UFC superstardom when she steps into the cage against Torres, who also came up short in her bid for the strawweight crown.

And if "Your Majesty" wins, don't expect her to thank Jesus ... or any of the "fucking scumbag losers" on Twitter.