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Hippo vs. Hillbilly? Anthony Perosh wants a crack at 'Iron' UFC banger Fabio Maldonado (Video)

"People might call me one-dimensional, but I think that’s great and I’ve done this many times. I’ve done the same takedowns, same pass and same choke, but if you know what I’m going to do and I still do it to you, well that just means you didn’t do your homework. So that’s big in BJJ. Every person has their one thing and no matter what you do to stop it you can’t. So I just wanna obviously work on other parts of my game but that’s my strength and I’m going to keep getting that even stronger. I don’t think I’m ready for a top 10 guy yet. I’m probably just hovering outside the top 15, but I’d love to fight Fábio Maldonado. He just came off a win, so I think he’s in the top 15 somewhere, so I think that would be a good match."

How does that Aaliyah song go? Age Ain't Nothing But A Number? 42-year-old light heavyweight grappler Anthony Perosh (15-8) has no plans to tie a ribbon around his mixed martial arts (MMA) career just yet, especially after a first-round submission win over Guto Inocente at last night's (Fri., Nov. 7, 2014) UFC Fight Night 55 event in Sydney, Australia (full results here). In fact, "The Hippo" is hoping to slowly but surely work his way into the top 10 of the 205-pound division, and figures the best place to start is with fan favorite Fabio Maldonado (22-7). So how about it, fight fans, is Perosh versus "The Iron Hillbilly" a match up you want to see?

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