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Cris Cyborg: Female fighters need to forget about MMA and start training Instagram


Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is rolling out its new strawweight division with the help of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20, featuring a handful of the world's top 115-pound female mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters. That's in addition to the already-existing bantamweight division.

So, what advice would former Strikeforce 145-pound titleholder Cris Cyborg have for these up-and coming ladies?

Well, if they want to get ahead in this era of combat sports, they need to focus on their social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter, and stop wasting so much precious time in the gym on useless things like training, according to comments she made on The Underground (via Bloody Elbow):

"Make a bunch of photo shoots and spend more time on Instagram and Facebook than training... In the beginning if you won you moved up rankings and fought the best now it is more about fans, Twitter, TV. I know I am the best female MMA fighter, and I want the best stage to show that. God will work his plan, I just have to focus on training and winning. When I heard rumors of [Ronda Rousey vs. Gina Carano], it made me feel like the game of MMA is changing. it's political now."

This is hardly new advice.

This female fighter also claims today's generation of women is more concerned about "showing their asses" than actually fighting. An unfair criticism? Maybe, maybe not. It's not uncommon for athletes -- like this one -- to use what they have to capitalize on their fame.

You know, like this.

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