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Wanderlei Silva releases new video rant 'For the Warriors' slamming UFC pay structure

And it looks like your beloved Nostradumbass has been unwittingly drafted into the "Axe" army (1:05).

If you thought Wanderlei Silva was going away quietly ... then perhaps you don't know the real Wandy.

One of the most violent men to ever lace up the gloves in mixed martial arts (MMA) is back with another video rant directed at the state of the combat sports union, and takes Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) to task for its uneven pay structure.

Something we've heard from other fighters, as well.

This latest offering comes on the heels of Silva's decision to poke around the international circuit looking for future fights, to which he was apparently intercepted by someone from ZUFFA. That led to this interesting reaction, where "The Axe Murderer" compared UFC employment to "slavery."

After blowing off a pair of disciplinary hearings to answer for a missed drug test, Wandy was banned by Nevada State Atheistic Commission (NSAC) -- for life -- and then "Pete Rose'd" from the UFC Hall of Fame.

But it appears this "war" is far from over.

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