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TUF 20 results and recap for Alex Chambers vs Rose Namajunas (Ep. 7)

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FOX Sports

The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20 was back on FOX Sports 1 last night (Weds., Nov. 5, 2014) as the elimination fights continued on episode seven with No. 10-ranked Alex Chambers (Team Pettis) taking on No. 7-ranked Rose Namajunas (Team Melendez).

We get things started inside the TUF house and the tension is starting to build as the season marches on. Bec Rawlings is complaining about the cliques and Angela Magana bends her ear about laundry and bitches. Lisa Ellis calls it "petty and immature" and equates the house politics to high school games.

Oh, and there are a group of gals calling themselves the "Skrapettes" because they are getting trained by the Skrap pack.


Coach Melendez blames his epic 0-6 losing streak as a possible culprit. That puts a little extra pressure on Rose Namajunas, who is training with Kron Gracie, but she insists she would be putting massive pressure on herself anyway.

She's later found in the gym kitchenette bawling her eyes out.

After the commercial break we get to know Alex Chambers who struggled to find acceptance as a female fighter in Australia. Unfortunately, she's not alone in that regard, as a lot of the up-and-coming women in season 20 have also seen their share of obstacles.

Team Pettis is also experiencing its share of drama as no one wants to train together because most of them are already slotted for the semifinals. One of the downsides of being 6-0. Chambers is talking up her opponent but plans to "impose her will."

Another commercial wraps and we return to Heather Clarke's announcement that she has a full ACL tear. Guess what Angela, IN YOUR FACE. Magana does the right thing and apologizes for accusing her of faking it. Then Rose and Bec follow suit.

Hug it out!

Rose also reveals she was abused as a child and things get slightly uncomfortable for a hot minute. Okay, back to the gym and she's rolling with Nate Diaz to work on her submissions. Melendez expects Chambers to be elusive and counter strike.

Two ladies from the U.S. national women's soccer team, Sydney Leroux and Megan Rapinoe, stop by the gym to chit-chat with the contestants. They get to try out a few moves and Megan has some pop in her kicks, which makes sense, since she kicks balls for a living.

Fight day!

Elimination fight No. 7 -- Alex Chambers (Team Pettis) vs. Rose Namajunas (Team Melendez):

Round 1: Chambers is 35? Holy smokes she looks good for her age. They come out and bob and weave for a bit then Rose opens up. They clinch and go to the cage and fire at will. Chambers circles out and now it's a sparring match. Rose dives in for a takedown and pushes her to the fence. Chambers eats a combo and they break away. Center of the cage now and Rose is lighting her up. Chambers on her bicycle and Rose pursues. They lock up and the bigger Rose drags her to the floor. Chambers gets to her feet and gets slammed back down. Chambers up again and they trade knees then break away. Nice push kick from Rose. Chambers shoots and fails. Rose pushes her to the floor and swarms her against the cage. Chambers gives up her back and welp, that's all she wrote.

Final result: Namajunas def. Chambers via submission (rear-naked choke)

Here's where we stand after episode seven:

Team Pettis:

Carla Esparza
Randa Markos
Joanne Calderwood
Alex Chambers
Jessica Penne
Felice Herrig
Justine Kish
Tecia Torres
Aisling Daly

Team Melendez:

Angela Hill
Tecia Torres
Emily Kagan
Rose Namajunas
Lisa Ellis
Heather Jo Clark
Bec Rawlings
Angela Magana

Elimination Match ups:

Carla Esparza (No. 1) vs. Angela Hill (No. 16)
Randa Markos (No. 14) vs. Tecia Torres (No. 3)
Joanne Calderwood (No. 2) vs. Emily Kagan (No. 15)
Alex Chambers (No. 10) vs. Rose Namajunas (No. 7)
Jessica Penne (No. 4) vs. Lisa Ellis (No. 13)
Felice Herrig (No. 6) vs. Heather Jo Clark (No. 11)
Tecia Torres (No. 3) vs. Bec Rawlings (No. 8)
Aisling Daly (No. 5) vs. Angela Magana (No. 12)

Semifinal Match ups:

Randa Markos vs. Felice Herrig
Jessica Penne vs. Aisling Daly
Joanne Calderwood vs. Rose Namajunas
Carla Esparza vs. TBA

Stay tuned next week for the final fight of the elimination round as No. 3-ranked Tecia Torres (Team Pettis) battles No. 8-ranked Bec Rawlings (Team Melendez).

See you in seven!