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Bellator 131: Tito Ortiz labels Stephan Bonnar a 'phony' and an 'embarrassment' to the sport of MMA

Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

As Tito Ortiz and Stephan Bonnar get set to settle their differences at Bellator 131 on Nov. 15, 2014 at the View Casino Center in San Diego, Calif., the animosity between the two is at an all-time high.

The former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweights were involved in a minor scuffle (see it) inside the Bellator cage a few months back after Bonnar insulted Ortiz and his fans.

Add that to the previous insults "American Psycho" aimed at Ortiz's family, and that's a sure-fire recipe to get under the skin of "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" and motivate him and fire him up for the upcoming bout.

His words to MMA Junkie:

"When someone talks about a person's fans, a person's family, I take it very personally. I take it very personally and I can't just let it slide by. I don't think anybody in the world can let something like this slide by when they talk about your family. This guy wants to come out of retirement and fight me? And say the thing he said. He got his wish."

With a history of a failed drug test on his record, Bonnar, as well as the rest of the card, are likely to get tested after the event. But, Ortiz wants Stephan to take a drug test prior to the bout.

And if the higher ups at Bellator don't want to foot the bill for it, he will. All in efforts to expose the "phony" that is Bonnar.

"I would love it. I would pay for it. If Bellator doesn't pay for it, I will pay for it. The guy has failed a couple of times already. He's a fake. He's a phony. The guy's a joke, and he's an embarrassment to the sport. The only reason this fight is happening is because he needs to pay his bills. Him talking about my family, I'm going to shut him up. Nov. 15, people are going to see how personal this fight is. There will be no handshakes. It's something that I've never felt before in any part of my career at all."

And on the heels of the latest failed drug tests under the Bellator banner, Scott Coker has made it clear that his new regime will not tolerate any drug abuse while he's at the helm. That's why Bonnar has already been asked for a cup of lemonade.

Because fighting with a weapon isn't allowed in MMA.

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