Victorian Election 2014 results pave way for long-awaited UFC debut in Melbourne

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It has been called the best pound-for-pound market in combat sports and today, I feel like a kid at Christmas.

When I first got hooked on UFC back in 2001, I used to get these pirated copies sent over from the United States for about $30 each and I'd avoid getting on any websites so I could watch as if it was live. There was never any problem about someone telling me the results at work or around the place because nobody had heard of UFC.

I'd check the mailbox as soon as I got home from work every day until the disk arrived and when it did, you couldn't get the smile off my face.

Grab a cold beer, sit back and Iiiiiit's TIME !!

I talked seriously with my girl at the time about flying to Las Vegas to go to an event but with two toddlers it was hard for me to swing that. But now, the Labor Government has been voted in and you guys are about to see how mixed martial arts (MMA) is done.

Melbourne style!

Prior to this week's election, cagefighting was outlawed in Melbourne, Australia, under a controversial ban that is expected to be overturned with Labor's triumphant win "Down Under." That means UFC is likely to follow through with its promise to bring a major UFC event to Melbourne in Nov. 2015.

50,000 UFC fans inside Etihad Stadium with the roof closed? It's gonna be insane!

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