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Cris Cyborg tried hiding ankle injury to avoid pulling out of Invicta 10

Esther Lin

Anybody who has seen Cristiane Justino fight live or on television knows one thing: from the moment the referee gives the green light, "Cyborg" is a full-throttle fighter who never lets off the gas.

Apparently she can't even take her foot off the pedal even when it comes to an injury. She was set to make her bantamweight debut at Invicta FC 10, but tore up her left ankle in training. Even knowing that she wouldn't be able to take the fight in December, Justino couldn't fight her urge to train.

From her conversation with MMA Junkie:

"There were days when I would wake up in Thailand, but I couldn't even walk. After a few hours, when I could walk, I would go back to training again. I didn't show it to anyone."

If that seems nuts to anyone else, Justino's explanation is completely rational for her.

"I need to work. Not only because I want to fight, but also to pay my bills."

It should come as no shock when she describes her full thickness rupture of the anterior talofibular ligament as "twisting my foot again." Even when she finally admits to a ligament tear, Justino shrugs off the damage.

"I was very sad about the outcome. I knew I didn't feel good, but my desire to fight was greater than the pain."

Though not everyone is feeling sympathetic.

For Justino's sake, I hope she comes in healthy and (relatively) injury free when she makes her bantamweight debut, and that she tests clean, too.

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