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UFC Quick Quote: TUF 20 is like a very strange, messed-up science experiment

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Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

"That house starts to mess with you. It's like a very strange, messed up science experiment. It really is. They give you every opportunity for drama. You just get really wrapped up what's right in front of you and it ends up being very dramatic. I don't feel like people acted like they would in normal, everyday life."

Lord of the (female) flies? The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 20 semifinalist Jessica Penne is sharing a sentiment heard quite often from combat sports reality show contestants (like this one). Penne (11-2), no stranger to the regional mixed martial arts (MMA) circuit, told TUF Talk podcast (via FOX Sports) that what you see may not necessarily be what you get, as the producers favor drama and perhaps create scenarios that would lend themselves to conflict (sound familiar?). The good news is, the live finale is just two weeks away, and since all but one cast member is scheduled to return, the strawweight hopefuls will have a chance to prove themselves with their fighting chops, and not their onscreen personas. For more on TUF 20 check out our latest results and recap right here.

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