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Bellator 131 results: Will Brooks beat Michael Chandler with a torn hamstring, dislocated rib

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Will Brooks defeated Michael Chandler for the second time at Bellator 131 on Nov. 15, 2014, via fourth-round technical knockout (TKO).

Watch the impressive, albeit bizarre, ending right here.

Perhaps what's more impressive than finishing a former champion like Chandler, is the fact that "Ill Will" did it with a torn hamstring that was ailing him before the fight and a dislocated rib he suffered in the opening moments of the bout.

He explained his injuries during a recent interview on "The MMA Hour:"

"I have a small hairline fracture, which I'm sure is not fully healed yet. That's going to take some time. Overall, I feel good. I have some range of motion back. After and during the fight, I was having a lot of shifting on my rib and things like that. It seems more stable now. I'm just trying to take my time relaxing. I need this time off, I feel good. "

He continued and revealed a hamstring injury that was bothering him prior to fight night:

"I was dinged up going into that fight. I had actually tore my hamstring a few weeks before and I was supposed to pull out of the fight. I had that going. I had  a handful of injuries, but I need some time off, so were just going to hang back a little bit. (I didn't pull out of the fight) because it's just who I am. I believe my will is stronger than anything. I decided what I wanted and I didn't want to postpone it. I believed in my heart that I can make it into that fight. I did all the proper  things. I found a great sports medicine doctor, chiropractor and started doing my physical therapy.There was a time when I thought I would pull out, but two weeks before the fight, I felt better and started to cut angles and do things I had to do in the  fight. So we decided to go through with it. Again, it was just my soul on fire. I've said it before, i think that is one of the greatest things. A human being that is so fired up, dedicated to something is the scariest things e can ever face and that's what I felt in the training camp. Nothing was going to keep me from this fight, or postpone that fight."

The win solidified Brooks as the legitimate 155-pound champion for Bellator, shedding the interim tag he earned when he originally defeated Chandler at  Bellator 120 six months prior.

For now, Brooks plans to let his injuries fully heal before he gets back into the swing of things.

But, with Eddie Alvarez now letting his fists fly inside the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Octagon (details), Brooks has one less top contender to face inside the Bellator cage once he's ready and able.

Having said that ... who should he fight next?

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