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Top MMA trainer has possible solution for reducing number of UFC injuries

Esther Lin

The question is, will fighters adhere to it?

I think most of us will agree that injuries in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) are a problem, one that isn't isolated to a specific weight class or mixed martial arts (MMA) gym. But Javier Mendez, charged with overseeing top fighters like Cain Velasquez, has a possible solution.

From his conversation with Bleacher Report:

"If we can minimize certain things, I'd like to try to do that. And that means less hard MMA sparring getting ready for a fight. We have to do it because if you don't, you won't be prepared for a fight. But I think we can minimize it. If a fighter says, 'No, I want my three days of hard sparring,' I have to give him that. I've always allowed the fighter to make the decision on whether they want to spar three days, two days or one day. And I don't really want zero days of hard sparring because they need to know what it feels like to get in there."

Velasquez was bounced from UFC 180 just last month after injuring his knee.

He's not alone, either. UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis, as well as 205-pound kingpin Jon Jones, also had their share of knee issues in 2014. That doesn't take into account the various arm, shoulder and back issues that flare up every few weeks.

And cuts.

So how about it fight fans, less hard sparring sound like a good start?

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