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UFC explains decision to postpone previously-announced return to London: 'We don't want to overdo it'

Boris Streubel/Getty Images

It's not uncommon, at least in 2014, to have Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) hold two events in one day.

Just last month, UFC Fight Night 53 in Stockholm, Sweden, went down on Oct. 4, the same day as UFC Fight Night 54 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. So nobody batted an eyelash when the promotion announced UFC 184 for Feb. 28, 2015, the same Saturday as its previously scheduled London event.

Except that trip across the pond quietly disappeared, and UFC international bigwig Garry Cook (via MMA Fighting) explains why.

"We're going to move ourselves to another London date further down in the year. So we had to make some changes, and as we always say with our business, it is subject to change, that's just making sure the fans are taken care of, we don't want to overdo it and make sure we get focused on that L.A. event at UFC 184 in Los Angeles. It's very important for Alexander Gustafsson, we wanted to place that one into that market, and we also have the LA show with Ronda on that card and with Belfort and Weidman on that card, and so to make some adjustments, we're going to take ourselves out of that London date, and we're going to move ourselves to another London date further down in the year."

There are currently no doubleheaders scheduled for 2015, but as Cook reiterated, card subject to change!

While fans won't get a London date in February, I would imagine the promotion will be working toward another trip to England sooner, rather than later, after stuffing 14,604 fans into the O2 Arena for UFC Fight Night 37, which resulted in a live gate of $2,000,056.

Stay tuned.

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