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Metamoris 5 results, recap: Five of six contests go the distance, Jake Shields surfaces for 'Secret Match'

Five of the six matches ended up in a draw, as Gary Tonon submitted Zak Maxwell via heel hook and Jake Shields vs. Roberto Satoshi was the secret match at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Esther Lin

Metamoris would roll out the white canvas once again on Saturday night (Nov. 21, 2014) with Metamoris 5, from the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, California. Once again it would be 20-minute matches with submission being the only way to win.

The long-awaited rematch between Renzo Gracie and Kazushi Sakuraba would headline a six-match card. The two first met at PRIDE 10, where Sakuraba famously broke Gracie's arm with a kimura.

In the main event, Sakuraba was inside of Gracie's closed guard for the first half of the match. Things started to pick up in the second half when Sakuraba stood up and Gracie used a double-under stack to pass the "The Gracie Hunter's" guard. Gracie dictated from there with good top pressure and flirted several times with a set up to a kimura but was never able to pull the trigger.

The match would end in a draw and more importantly for both grapplers, no arm breaks.

UFC welterweight Rory MacDonald and J.T. Torres had an outstanding and entertaining match. MacDonald showcased some flying-scissor attacks, and leg-lock attempts, while Torres was on the offensive a lot, as well. The World, Pan-American, and European medalist passed MacDonald's guard multiple times, but MacDonald did a great job of making him earn whatever he got.

At one point both grapplers were simultaneously attempting heel hooks on one another. The pinnacle of the mach was when Torres had MacDonald in a deep kimura and had his leg over his head, but the Canadian somehow survived it.

The match would end in a draw.

The secret match was World Series of Fighting (WSOF) welterweight Jake Shields vs. Roberto Satoshi. The two would also battle to a draw, but Shields controlled much of the action and where the match took place. The former Strikeforce champion secured the mount position a couple of times and also passed Satoshi's guard and operated from side control too.

A fun match and great to see an MMA talent getting into the mix again.

Keenan Cornelius and Yuri Simoes turned in an outstanding back and forth gi battle that featured multiple submission attempts, guard passes and plenty of excitement. Simoes threatened early with a deep kneebar but Cornelius escaped it. The Hawaiian had numerous attacks on Simoes, and came close several times, but couldn't close the deal. Simoes last big chance was a brief triangle attempt, but Cornelius broke free. The match was a draw, but no time was wasted in the 20-minute match and both fighters were pushing the action until the gong sounded.

$10,000 was on the line, between Marcel Garcia prodigy, Matheus Diniz and grappling ace Vinny Magalhaes. But Diniz would have to submit Magalhaes to get it. Diniz took the match on short notice after Kevin Casey had to withdraw from it. The first 10 minutes of the match saw both grapplers at a stalemate and unable to land a takedown. Diniz came close after an arm drag and a brief back take, but it would by Magalhaes who would get the action to the mat by jumping guard.

Magalhaes threatened with a couple of nice set ups, but Diniz was able to escape each one, and almost passed the black belt's guard on two occasions. The match would end in a draw, and although Diniz didn't earn the prize money, it looks like he has a bright future.

In the evening's first match, Gary Tonon defeated Zak Maxwell by heel hook about halfway into the 20-minute match.The two got after it immediately and Tonon briefly took Maxwell's back. Not long after Maxwell locked up an omoplata position and tried for a kimura/armbar combination due to Tonon's arm being trapped inside of Maxwell's leg. Tonon would threaten with a kimura and sweep Maxwell over. From there he switched to a knee bar position and then locked up a heel hook from 50/50.

Maxwell tried to roll, but was forced to tap out.

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