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Kenny Florian: Nick Diaz is right, Georges St. Pierre is scared to fight Anderson Silva

"I actually think he's right. For him to go up in weight at 185 pounds and fight a guy like Anderson Silva who many consider the greatest of all time, well, I think it's a smart decision by Georges. Georges wanted to fight more at a catchweight of 175 (pounds), maybe even 170 pounds, where it would be in his favor. So is GSP scared? Yes, and that's also what made him one of the best champions of all time."

Retired Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title contender-turned-FOX Sports 1 mixed martial arts (MMA) analyst Kenny Florian agrees with UFC 183 headliner Nick Diaz, who called former UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre "scared" to make the move up to the middleweight division to fight pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva (see those comments here). An interesting take from "KenFlo," as he also blew the whistle on St. Pierre's fear of being abducted by aliens back in 2012. Maybe "Rush" can prove them wrong by returning to combat sports and moving up to 185 pounds? After all, that would only require him to cut 15 pounds of weight.

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