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UFC Quick Quote: Nate and Nick Diaz fights are what MMA should be

Esther Lin

"I like their attitude, their style. If they stand you up, they can exchange fists with you. If you go to the ground they are super dangerous. They respect jiu-jitsu. They know how to fight from the bottom. They know how to fight from the top. They are finishers. They go for the finish, they don't go to score points. Their fights are what this sport should be."

High praise for Nate and Nick Diaz, coming from none other than Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Hall of Famer and newly-appointed Bellator MMA brand ambassador Royce Gracie, who told MMA Fighting that both Stockton sluggers do a good job of representing mixed martial arts (MMA), as well as the famed Gracie fighting style. Nate is penciled in to battle Rafael dos Anjos next month in Arizona, while older brother Nick was paired off against Anderson Silva in late January. Will their next performances live up to Gracie's expectations? Time will tell.

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