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Preview: Rap legend Ice T narrates 'Jungle Fight' MMA video documentary

Longtime Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) promoter, Wallid Ismail, who helped launch the careers of Fabrício Werdum, Lyoto Machida, Jose Aldo, and more, is giving fans an all-access pass to his MMA promotion "Jungle Fight" in a new documentary titled "Enter the Jungle."

MMA Fighting talks to the man himself:

"Most of the fighters in this documentary are in the UFC right now. So many fighters... We put more than 100 fighters in the UFC. In Brazil, MMA is the second-biggest sport, losing only to soccer. The trials for TUF: Brazil 4 had 600+ fighters. This is unbelievable. Brazil is the land of MMA. Brazil is not the land of soccer. The land of soccer is England. Brazil is the land of MMA. We have the best fighters. Even if we’re not getting a lot of UFC belts, Brazil is really well represented. I still work to develop and discover new fighters."

"Enter the Jungle" is produced by Alexander Harvey and Tommy Sowards and narrated by rap legend Ice-T.

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