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UFC 183: Nick Diaz wants Georges St-Pierre rematch, but not in Canada because they don't test for steroids

And had the athletic commission tested Diaz after UFC 158, he probably would've tested positive.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Diaz is making his much-anticipated return to mixed martial arts (MMA) when he faces Anderson Silva in the main event of UFC 183 on Jan 31, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (details).

Once the dust settles in "Sin City," Diaz hopes another former champion, Georges St-Pierre, makes his return to the Octagon, as he would be interested in running it back against "Rush."

Diaz is willing to fight the former welterweight champion anywhere but in Canada, where according to Nick, the athletic commission doesn't test for steroids.

He said as much during a recent press conference (via FOX Sports):

"If I do well and he comes back in the sport, yeah why not? I see myself having a better run, too. Maybe just not being in Canada where you can just be on steroids. Because they didn't drug test me before that fight. I probably would have tested positive."

The comment is another obvious jab at Georges, as Diaz has always accused "Rush" of being on performance-enhancing drugs (PED), though St-Pierre -- who has always advocated stiffer drug testing -- has never tested positive for any banned substance.

Georges recently drew the ire of Nick after he stated that Diaz "made a mistake" by accepting a fight against the aforementioned Silva at middleweight. For Diaz, those comments hold no weight because "GSP" was "scared" to take a fight against Anderson when he had the chance.

Where you at, Georges?

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