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Dana White won't rule out UFC return of Brock Lesnar after WWE contract expires in April

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Or maybe the former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight champion will sign with Bellator MMA and turn the entire mixed martial arts (MMA) world upside down, for no other reason than some people just want to watch the world burn.

Don't laugh, Viacom can afford it.

But there is a difference between wanting to fight again and actually following through with it. Brock Lesnar has a multi-million dollar contract with WWE that expires in April, and he's likely to re-sign because he's only required to work a limited number of dates.

The rest of the time he can spend in solitude on his compound in Minnesota, or breaking hunting laws in Canada.

So why is UFC President Dana White talking about another UFC run?

"We have a great relationship with him," White said during Monday's press conference. "He's healthy and he has said that he's interested in fighting again."

And WWE may be looking to slash overhead, after taking it on the chin from disgruntled investors.

At age 37, this could be Lesnar's last opportunity to come back and erase the memory of his meek exit from combat sports (thanks to this brute), now that his longstanding battle with diverticulitis has finally been conquered. And to date, there is no other fighter who can lay claim to this staggering number.

"We'll see what happens," promised White.

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